Who We Are

AgiliFI Technologies, LLP is a wholly owned subsidiary of F&I Administration Solutions, LLC (www.fiadmin.com).AgiliFI Tech provides software development and testing plus database and infrastructure support services to the parent F&I Administration Solutions, LLC. F&I Administration Solutions is the market leading Finance and Insurance solutions provider headquartered in Lombard...


The most comprehensive full lifecycle F&I product administration platform in the world. With 60 customers, 70+ integration partners, and more than 6 million new contract sales processed annually, it is the undisputed market leader for F&I product administration.

The integration services marketplace that provides a unified services interface to consume third party integration partners. In a heterogeneous service market place where a single service is delivered by multiple vendors, each with a different integration interface, agiliFI customers can integrate once and consume the same service from multiple agiliFI-certified vendors regardless of the vendor’s integration requirements.

The most comprehensive reporting and analytics platform for all parties involved in the F&I product value chain including TPAs, agents, dealer groups and dealers. Features include user-configurable dashboards, dealer configurable metrics, user configurable goals, and customizable reports with alerts, chat, messaging, and more. clearFI will use a custom UI with embedded Sisense visualizations and F&I Admin’s proprietary FIos core that handles complex overlapping multi-tenancy requirements.

The next generation SCS Auto that will eventually replace all of SCS Auto into a collection of loosely couple applications including Seller Management, Billing & Incentives, Contract Management, Claim Management, Product Management, Rating, and more. pureFI will deliver all functionality via a multi-browser compatible responsive UI that consume a suite of micro-services deployed on a containerized (Docker, Mesophere) platform.

Tools We Use

Application Development

Code in:

  • C#.NET, Angular JS, SQLWith Visual Studio, BitBucket, Resharper, Version with Git, Test with Cucumber
  • Build and Deploy with Jenkins

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Business Intelligence

Build dashboards with Sisense visualizations with data stored in:

  • Elasticube
  • MongoDB
  • SQL Server
  • SSAS cubes

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Infrastructure & Database

  • Deploy microservices with Dockers & containers orchestrated by Mesophere
  • Load Balance with Coyotepoint
  • Build networks using Juniper switches and firewalls
  • Virtualize with Windows Hypervisor
  • Host on Fujitsu blade chassis with integrated SAN

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QA and Testing

Build & execute automated testswith automation frameworks that use:

  • Selenium
  • HP FT
  • Protractor

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